Show live previews of video content using Jetpack Compose for Android TV

Preview Card

A composable to show live video previews in Android TV content feeds.

fun PreviewCard(
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    cardWidth: Dp,
    cardHeight: Dp,
    videoUrl: String,
    hasFocus: Boolean,
    clipStartPosition: Long = 2000000,
    clipEndPosition: Long = 8000000,
    thumbnailFrame: Long = 5000000,
    thumbnailUrl: String? = null

How does it work?

Using ExoPlayer and the provided clipStartPosition / clipEndPosition, when the item hasFocus a preview clip will be shown in the card. When not in focus, the provided thumbnail details will be used to display a placeholder image.

If the thumbnailUrl is provided, this will simply be loaded. Otherwise, a thumbnail will be loaded from the provided thumbnailFrame.


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