An Android application in Kotlin for searching movies and TV shows with authorization

KinoPoiskLite – кино и сериалы Приложение для просмотра информации о фильмах и сериалах. Фильмы и сериалы можно добавлять в избранное и просматривать offline. Авторизованный пользователь видит только свой список избранных фильмов. Приложение показывает информацию о фильмах, сериалах и актерах из API, предоставленного (это база фильмов, сериалов и актёров). Код приложения: Сэмплы Скриншоты Packages structure License GitHub … Read more

How to migrate an Android App that uses Dependency Injection with Dagger to Dependency Injection with Hilt

Migrating DI from Dagger to Hilt Criei este projeto para aplicar meus conhecimentos sobre como migrar um App Android que utiliza Injeção de Dependência com Dagger para Injeção de Dependência com Hilt. Como ponto de partida, utilizei um App meu que usa Injeção de Dependência com Dagger (disponível no meu repositório: kotlin-android-retrofit-coroutines-clean-mvvm-dagger-room). O App consome uma … Read more

An app to browse the week’ trending movies and TV shows

Android Project 4 – Flixster++ Submitted by: Ian Kamweru Flixster++ is a movie browsing app that allows users to browse the week’s trending movies and TV shows Time spent: 8 hours spent in total Required Features The following required functionality is completed: The following optional features are implemented: The following additional features are implemented: Video Walkthrough Here’s a walkthrough of implemented user stories: GIF created with LiceCap. … Read more

A Jetpack compose clone for Discord Android Client

Discord ComposeA clone of Android Discord app in Android built using Jetpack compose.     The purpose of this repositoryBuild a fully functional Android app built entirely with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.Follows Android design and development best practices with Compose.Explore the possibilities of creating complex ui and ux of a popular app like Discord using Compose.Status: 👨‍💻 In … Read more

A weather app built on MVVM architecture with jetpack compose

Jet Weather The app is built using the latest Android technologies, including Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, Dagger Hilt, and MVVM architecture. It utilizes the Open-Meteo API to provide accurate weather for user’s current location using latitute and longitude, and includes a favourite feature that allows users to search and save their favorite cities to a local … Read more

JSON kotlin configuration library

HConfigurations This library provides you to easily work with JSON configurations. Example usage in samples directory. implementation Gradle repositories { maven { url ‘’ } } dependencies { implementation ‘com.github.zhogoshi:HConfigurations:Tag’ } Maven <repositories> <repository> <id></id> <url></url> </repository> </repositories> <dependency> <groupId>com.github.zhogoshi</groupId> <artifactId>HConfigurations</artifactId> <version>Tag</version> </dependency> GitHub View Github