Bootstrap style widgets for Android, with Glyph Icons

Android-Bootstrap Android Bootstrap is an Android library which provides custom views styled according to the Twitter Bootstrap Specification. This allows you to spend more time on development rather than trying to get a consistent theme across your app, especially if you are already familiar with the Bootstrap Framework. Quick Start Add the following dependency to your … Read more

ViewPager cards inspired by Duolingo

ViewPagerCards ViewPager cards inspired by Duolingo From my blog post: This is just a sample project. There’s support included for Fragments and normal Views. Check the CardPagerAdapter and CardFragmentPagerAdapter classes. Left – Duolingo implementation Right – This sample What you could do with this: Showcasing premium features An app intro A small gallery of images License

Android Library that implements Snackbars from Google’s Material Design documentation

DEPRECATED This lib is deprecated in favor of Google’s Design Support Library which includes a Snackbar and is no longer being developed. Thanks for all your support! Snackbar Library that implements Snackbars from Google’s Material Design documentation. Works on API levels >= 8 Installation You can import the library from source as a module or grab via Gradle: compile ‘com.nispok:snackbar:2.11.+’ Usage Using … Read more

Lightweight Kotlin DSL dependency injection library

Sep 16, 20212 min read Warehouse DSL Warehouse is a lightweight Kotlin DSL dependency injection library this library has an extremely faster learning curve and more human friendly logs and more explicit it has graph nesting and multi-module support. Create val warehouse = warehouse { this add module { this add factory { this constructor … Read more

Matching Kitties: A Game Inspired by Cats

Jun 29, 20211 min read Android-Matching-Kitties A kotlin based Android memory game. Screenshots Viewing the App You can clone this repo and use Android Studio to run it in your emulator or personal device. Credits This application is a project as a partial requirement for MOBIAND 2T A.Y 20-21. Developers: Gel Gamoras Ryan Obeles Franchesca … Read more

App-level wallpaper color palette generation for Android 5.0+

Jul 03, 20211 min read MonetCompat MonetCompat is an app-level implementation of kdrag0n’s custom Monet implementation, based on his android12-extensions module. With MonetCompat you can generate color palettes from a user’s wallpaper and use them anywhere in your app. It supports Android 5.0 and above (in Palette compatibility mode) and Android 8.1 and above in normal … Read more

A Gradle plugin for simple setup of Kotlin Multiplatform mobile Gradle modules

Jul 13, 20213 min read Mobile Multiplatform gradle plugin This is a Gradle plugin for simple setup of Kotlin Multiplatform mobile Gradle modules. Setup buildSrc/build.gradle.kts Usage Setup mobile targets without config build.gradle.kts Plugin automatically setup android, ios targets. Android target also automatically configured with and plugins. By default used ios() targets creation with intermediate source set iosMain. To disable it … Read more

A todolist app for android

Jul 28, 20211 min read todolist A todolist for android About This mobile app is meant to be used with the api available here Download You can download the app here Project setup Make sure flutter is installed on your device Setup the api Bash Screenshots Todo Finish api services [x] Auth service [x] Tasks service [x] Steps service Testing … Read more

Android Essential Libraries

👻 Android Essential Libraries – A couple of the Android Libraries to use in your Projects 🛠 Alert Beautiful Alert Dialog : A beautiful, customizable and interactive dialog for Android written in Kotlin/Java 😍 Alerter – Alert on the Top : With simplicity in mind, the Alerter employs the builder pattern to facilitate easy integration into any app. A customisable … Read more


RecyclerView-LayoutManager resources FanLayoutManager Using Fan Layout Manager you can implement the horizontal list, the items of which move like fan blades CarouselLayoutManager Android Carousel LayoutManager for RecyclerView ChipsLayoutManager A custom layout manager for RecyclerView which mimicric TextView span behaviour, flow layouts behaviour with support of amazing recyclerView features HiveLayoutManager 这是一个蜂巢布局管理器,它可以在RecyclerView中实现像蜂巢一样的布局。 vlayout VirtualLayout是一个针对RecyclerView的LayoutManager扩展, 主要提供一整套布局方案和布局间的组件复用的问题。 flexbox-layout FlexboxLayout … Read more