NoteIt – A simple note-taking app written in Kotlin using the MVVM

NoteIt – Simple Note Taking App 📝

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NoteIt is a simple note-taking app written in Kotlin using the MVVM 🏗️ architectural pattern, CRUD 📝 operations, and ROOM 🏠 database. The app features a full material dynamic theming 🌈, support for adding/deleting notes 📝, and full markdown support for editing options like bold/italic/strikethrough text and the ability to create bulleted/numbered lists 📊. The app also includes nice animations 🎉.

Screenshots 📷📷

App Screenshot
Light Add Note Screenshot


  • Full material dynamic theming 🌈
  • Add/delete notes 📝
  • Full markdown support for editing options 📊
  • Nice animations 🎉


  • Kotlin
  • MVVM 🏗️ Architecture
  • ROOM 🏠 Database


  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Android API 32 or higher


To use NoteIt, clone the repository and open the project in Android Studio. Build and run the project on an emulator or a physical device.


Contributions to NoteIt are welcome. Before submitting a pull request, please ensure that your changes are well-tested and that they adhere to the project’s coding standards.


NoteIt is open source software licensed under the MIT license.


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