Create train track map mod for Minecraft Fabric

Create Track Map

This mod is a work in progress!

Requires Fabric API
Requires Fabric Kotlin

A Fabric mod that displays a track map of Create trains in your world, including all tracks, signals, stations, and trains. The signals and trains are updated in (practically) real time.

Example track map


CTM is a server side only mod. It runs a web server on port 3876 (not configurable yet) that provides the following API:

  • /static
    • /network: List of all track pieces and train stations
    • /signals: List of all train signals, including their states (green, yellow, red)
    • /trains: List of all assembled trains, including their names and positions
  • /rt: Same as above, but updates in real time with Server-Sent Events (SSE)

The map itself is visible at the root (by default http://localhost:3876/). The view is not configurable at this time, but that will come with a later version.


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