Android bindings to image-rs for APNG support

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Bindings to image-rs for APNG support on Android.


You can include the decoder with


Then you can create a source and decode a drawable. The api is mirrored after ImageDecoder.

val source = ApngDecoder.source(resources, R.drawable.my_animated_png)
val drawable = ApngDecoder.decodeDrawable(source)
drawable.start() // to start the animation.

Coil Integration

For easy coil integration, include


and then add the decoder

val imageLoader = ImageLoader.Builder(context)
    .components {

Current Limitations/Possible Future Directions

  • All animations are currently rendered as looping infinitely instead of respecting the num_plays value.
  • All pixel data for all frames is loaded into memory, no scaling is done on this buffer. This library was designed with a focus on small images so this is fine but may be worth optimizing in the future for better memory usage on large images.
  • Image data is loaded first into a byte array in memory before decoding, could do some sort of streaming support here if I could figure out the jni bits for that.
  • image-rs actually supports a wide range of image formats but only APNGs are currently supported. May be expanded in the future if there’s value.
  • Source inputs are limited to byte arrays and resources, this could be expanded pretty easily.


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