A simple web-based multiplayer keyboard racing game

A simple web-based multiplayer keyboard racing game


Keybout is a simple web-based multiplayer keyboard racing game, where the players have to type random words before the other players.

The first version started in 2014 as a sample WebSocket application and used JavaScript, WebSocket, Java EE 7 and Java.

This second version, started in 2019, is a full rewrite based on Angular, SockJS, Spring Boot and Kotlin.

The application home page:

Home page

The page used to create a join a game:

Game creation

The main page of the game:

  • Blue words are available, quickly type them (some letters are missing since this game uses the “hidden” style)
  • Green words were won by the current player
  • Red words were won by other players

When a round is over, this page displays the results:



Prerequisites: Java 8+, Node.js 10+ with NPM

To start the frontend locally, run npm install then ng serve in keybout-frontend or use your IDE.

To start the backend locally, run mvnw spring-boot:run in keybout-backend or use your IDE.

To build a single deployable fat jar containing the whole application, run mvnw package -Pfull from the home folder then use keybout-backend/target/keybout-backend.jar. Omit -Pfull if you prefer to separate the fontend and backend packages.

The application uses an optional MongoDB database to persist some data, if the spring.data.mongodb.uri is defined.

To run in production, deploy the fat jar and run with several environment variables:

  • LOG_DATEFORMAT_PATTERN: optional, use an empty string (i.e. two consecutive double quotes) to disable the timestamp in the Spring logs when the cloud platform (such as Heroku) adds its own timestamp
  • SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI: optional, the MongoDB URI


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