Weather App Using Kotlin and XML

WeatherApp Using Kotlin and XML.

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_Locating the user automatically, Calling Accu weather Api to get the weather data.

_this app has the following features:

-auto-update -auto location detection -one activity only -easy to customize -Executor class instead of AsyncTask

Why Executor class? because AsyncTask is deprecated (leaks may occur if the AsyncTask is not static), Here, we are using the Executor-class as an alternative to the deprecated AsyncTask. it allows us to execute submitted (Runnable) tasks, I like using this class because it allows us to pass a task to be executed by a thread asynchronously (in the background), then handle the results (to update our UI in this case) using a Handler and catch any exceptions.

-I used Accu Weather API for this app, you go there and create an account, then you’ll receive your own API key which you’ll use in the app.

-Read The Full Article About The Code Here:


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