Single-file Kotlin library which can color your console output

Single-file Kotlin library which can color your console output

🚀 QShColor

QShColor is a single-file Kotlin library which can color your console output.

  • Just copy and paste QShColor.kt into your project
  • You can freely modify, redistribute or fork 💖 MIT license


No dependent libraries except test code.

Refer to build.gradle.kts to check directly.

How to use

See QShColorTest.kt for more code examples.

This test file is also single-file, self-contained and copy-pastable.

fun main() {
    var txt = "c".yellow + "o".blue + "l".red + "o".magenta + "u".green + "r".cyan + "f".yellow + "u".blue + "l".red


    txt = "you can set background".qColor(fg = QShColor.RED, bg = QShColor.BLUE)


    txt = """val color = "you can use regex to color targeted text"""".qColorTarget(
        ptn = """val(?!\S)""".toRegex(),
        color = QShColor.MAGENTA
        ptn = """".*?"""".toRegex(),
        color = QShColor.GREEN


How did I create this library

In my own chaotic codebase, I created a program which automatically resolves dependencies at the method or property level, extracts necessary code elements, and automatically generates a compact self-contained single-file library.

It utilizes PSI to resolve dependencies for function calls and references to the classes.

My original repository is currently quite chaotic, so I decided to extract it little by little and publish some small libraries.

Also, I would like to prepare the original repository and publish it in the future.



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