Send a message to your phone at a weird ssh login


! This project is not intended to replace other security measures such as public keys! !

This project should make it possible to quickly identify SSH logins that may not have come from you, by sending a notification to your cell phone. In the config you can set your region/city/IP. For all logins that do not match the data set in the config, a notification is sent to the mobile phone via webhook.



  1. Install MacroDroid on your mobile phone
  2. Import Macro:
  3. Log into your server and upload the jar (e.g. to the directory /home/ssh-notify)
  4. Open .bashrc (e.g. nano ~/.bashrc)
  5. Add following lines (! Important: Adjust the path of your jar !):
# Send notification to mobile phone, if there is a weird login...
if [ -n "$SSH_TTY" ]; then
   IP_ADDRESS=$(who -u am i | awk '{print $NF}')
   java -jar /home/ssh-notify/ssh-login-notify.jar "$USERNAME" "$IP_ADDRESS"
  1. Start the jar manuelly with java to create the default config.json
  2. Edit the config.json
  3. Now logins should be reported according to the config


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