OpenGL Photo Editor App using Kotlin

OpenGL Photo Editor Showcase

This project was originally created to learn basics of OpenGL and build a simple and tiny photo editor app (less than 1 MB) on the top of it.

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3

Since it is educational project it might contain bugs, be unstable and not well tested. The project might be useful for developers who are learning OpenGL basics, just like I do.

Current Features

  • Offscreen rendering
  • Ping Pong texture rendering
  • vertex/fragment shaders for creating visual effects
  • Textures export
  • Dark/light theme support

Used Tools and Libraries

TODO Features

  • Improve overall rendering performance by employing viewport size rather than original image size when rendering
  • Implement multitouch support
  • Implement zoom functionality

Known Issues

  • Image disappears after putting the app to background on some devices (at least on Meizu). Have no ideas yet on how to fix it. Looks like itโ€™s related to Compose somehow


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