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Multiple Selection View

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MultipleSelectionView is an Android library that provides a custom view for multiple selection with modal. You can include it in your XML layout files and customize the UI and logic to suit your needs.


  • Display a spinner with multiple selection functionality
  • Basic functionality: pass a list of items and listen to changes
  • Control displayed text after selection: use the provided function to generate a string from selected data
  • Custom adapter: create your own adapter from our abstract class and pass it to dropdown UI and logic
  • It is a parent of TextView and you can use all functions that TextView can, except “text”

Getting Started

To use MultipleSelectionView in your Android project, you need to first add the following code to your root build.gradle file at the end of the repositories section:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Next, add the following code to your app module’s build.gradle file to include MultipleSelectionView as a dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.Rogavactive:MultipleSelectionView:1.0.1'

Basic functionality

First add it to your xml file

        android:hint="Select options"
        tools:ignore="HardcodedText" />
  • Adjust text size in Basic Implementation dropdown items with app:msv_modal_text_size
  • Change modal text color by setting app:msv_modal_text_size
  • Change modal tick color by setting app:msv_modal_tick_color
  • Set dropdown background with app:msv_modal_background

After that retrieve view in your Activity/Fragment and populate adapter with data

      val adapter = binding.defaultMultipleSelectionView.populateAdapterWithItems(
          items = itemList,
          selectedItems = selectedItemsList,
          itemTransformFun = { "Option: $it" }
  • pass dropdown list to items
  • (Optional) pass selectedItems to indicate which items are selected at start.
  • (Optional) itemTransformFun is a function that takes data on each list item in dropdown and produces a string which will be displayed in its place

In order to change main view you can treat it as a TextView . Every functionality of TextView is present here except setting a text from xml.

Extended functionality

If basic functionality is not enough for us we can do more to create more manageable UI and logic.

  1. Create a ViewHolder which extends MultipleSelectionListPopupViewHolder
    inner class MultipleSelectionListPopupViewHolderImpl(private val binding: ItemListBinding) : MultipleSelectionListPopupViewHolder<I>(binding.root) {
        override fun onStateChange(data: I, selected: Boolean) {
          // Logic goes here

onStateChange gets called each time a view state changes and should get updated.

  1. Create an Adapter class and extend MultipleSelectionViewAdapter<I>
  class MultipleSelectionViewAdapterImpl <I>() : MultipleSelectionViewAdapter<I>(){

    override fun onCreateViewHolder(parent: ViewGroup, viewType: Int): MultipleSelectionListPopupViewHolderImpl {
        return MultipleSelectionListPopupViewHolderImpl(
            ItemListBinding.inflate(LayoutInflater.from(parent.context), parent, false)

override onCreateViewHolder (Note that I am using viewBinding here, but it is not required in your implementation)

  1. Set data with adapter.setItems(data)
  2. Listen to changes with one of the two listeners: setOnChangeListener and setOnSelectionFinishedListener

Interaction with MultipleSelectionViewAdapter<I>

  1. Use setItems to set list of items to display in dropdown and (Optional) selected items at start.
  fun setItems(items: List<I>, selectedItems: List<I> = listOf())
  1. Listen to each selection change
  fun setOnChangeListener(listener: MultipleSelection.OnSelectionChanged<I>)
  1. Listen to overall changes after modal dismiss
  fun setOnSelectionFinishedListener(listener: MultipleSelection.OnSelectionFinished<I>)
  1. override onFormatSelected in your adapter implementation in order to control how selected items will be displayed
  open fun onFormatSelected(selected: List<I>): String


Developers can contribute to the development of MultipleSelectionView by creating pull requests and closing issues or creating new issues. We welcome contributions from the community and appreciate your help in making MultipleSelectionView better for everyone.


MultipleSelectionView is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.


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