Intermediate native android application which uses api, firestore and many more


A Intermediate native android application which uses api,firestore and many more ,

  • This application “Familysafety” moniters the users location and , when in need he can call emegency services just by a click

why it is useful

  • The SOS mobile app is ideal for people in trouble with no one around to help them. It is useful for lone workers, travelers, and also those living alone.
  • They can use it to instantly notify the appropriate officials of their need for assistance along with other details like location.

what can it do

  • Being an ios user iam habituated to medical id and stuff so in the profile page we can see the medical details of the users , as it is very important to know about medical health of user interms of emergency
  • People who use this app and can see others locations, – when a person is invited by you to this app – then the both persons can see others location
  • Provides the details of the family as well as the adress details in one
  • used to contact
    • cops
    • As well as when there is a medical emergency

what langauge does it use

  • the following application is built on kotlin and xml

How it works

when the app is opened user is asked to signin via google!

Screenshot 2023-03-11 035521
Screenshot 2023-03-11 034805

After the sigin the user is asked to give Permissions to move forward

Screenshot 2023-03-11 035136
Screenshot 2023-03-11 035323

After giving all the permissions and the the user is navigated to the app where he can move from one activity to other

 The page which user is navigated into after the login -Home Page

  • the gaurd page
Screenshot 2023-03-11 040048

The following are the Dashboard and profile section of the app

Screenshot 2023-03-11 040131
Screenshot 2023-03-11 040158

how this app works [visual]


Features of the App

  • Decent Ui
  • Maps
  • Firestore for storing data
  • Authentification using google

The Application is built on the following

1.Card view

2.Working with dependancies and manifest file

3.Launcher activity and intent


5.Color picking using colour picker




9.Action bar

10.Colour variant

11.Colours xml file usage

12.Bottom navigation view — menu items – vector assets

13.Working with multiple activities

  1. Working with fragment
  2. Working with multiple fragments
  3. Recyclerveiw
  4. Creating single member and accesing
  5. Passing data using adaptor
  6. Ui shapes selectors
  7. Working with maps
  8. veiwbinding
  9. Working with api
  10. Working with permissions
  11. Fetching contacts
  12. Opening camera
  13. Working with firebase
  14. Signin with google
  15. Shared prepferences
  16. Firebase
  17. Using firestore
  18. Fetching and updating data in firestore
  19. Location updates on firebase


Screenshot 2023-03-11 042517


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