Gym App keep track of user subscriptions and other information built it from scratch

# Gym Assistant App Overview

This app is designed to help gym assistants keep track of user subscriptions and other information. The app is build with Room (one-to-many relationship),Kotlin Coroutines, Navigation View, View Binding and Data Binding to provide a secure and efficient method for handling memberships including start dates, end dates and pricing.It also provides users with a smooth user experience.


Easy user interface

  • Store all relevant user subscription data securely
  • Track payment history for each membership
  • Automatically sync data across devices
  • Editing any user data or subscription details.
  • Create bills for each user with the date of payment generated automatically and the price of the payment.
  • You can select a particular user and see all his payment history.
  • You can delete any user.

Screen Shots :

Feel free to contribute/make any suggestion for this project 🙂


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