Generate receipt with multiline tex

Draw Receipt with Multiline text in same line

By adding this code below:

  • Add to your dependancies implementation 'com.github.danielfelgar:draw-receipt:0.1.3'
  • write any text to print with multiline val DEFAULT_TEXT_SIZE = 80f //set suitable size for your printer val MAXIMUM_CHARACTER_LINE = 26 //set suitable max based on your printer width val receipt = splitItemText( "Trying to print Multiline to receipt POS Trying to print Multiline to receipt " + "POS Trying to print Multiline to receipt POS", MAXIMUM_CHARACTER_LINE )
  • Here you can send receipt to your POS printer like Sunmi devices, Newland or any external printers like epson…etc <yourPrinter>.print(bitmap) //OR show it inside imageview val view = findViewById<ImageView>( view.setImageBitmap(receipt)


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