ChatGPT in Jetpack Compose using OpenAI API

ChatGPT in Jetpack Compose using OpenAI API


This is a fork of by the team at Microsoft. Read more:

Thanks to the developers at Microsoft for their contribution to the Jetpack Compose community!


This repo adds support for ID detection for Maestro UI testing for Jetpack Compose. Maestro is a UI testing framework for Mobile apps.

For example, search for testTagsAsResourceId in ConversationFragment.kt and for testTag in UserInput.kt.

Not sure what are those?

Check out the Tweet and Docs for more info.



How to run

After you clone and open the project in Android Studio, add your own Open AI API key in OpenAIWrapper.kt file:

private val openAIToken: String = "YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY"

Then, you can run the app on your device or emulator.

How to test

maestro test .maestro/flow.yaml


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