An Android application to allow a user to see various beers and rate them

🍺 BeerRater 🍻

The goal of BeerRater is to propose an Android mobile application to allow a user to see various beers and rate them.

✔️ Features

  • Browse beer list get from a distant API. Beers will be added in the future and the app will only get better.
  • Selection of a beer and consultation of its information (name, tagline, description, image, pH, abv, contributor…)
  • Visualization of the different comments left on the beer
  • Writing comments and opinions on the different beers
  • Management of these comments (suppression, addition…)
  • Support for landscape mode, multiple languages (English, French) and various themes (light / dark)

📱 Application

Here you can see the expected visual of the final application:

In the final application, you will be able to iterates through the beers (figure 1), and see some information about them (figure 2). It will be possible to consult opinions for each beer and to leave some (figure 3).

The application will also be available in landscape mode, for ease of use (figure 4).

🖥️ Langages and technologies used

❗ This application used an API called PunkAPI to get the different beers displayed in the application. The main page of this API an be found here.

🧵 Prerequisities

⚙️ How to run the app ?

  1. Start Android Studio.
  2. Open the solution in src/.
  3. Start an emulator or connect your phone to your computer and run the app.

📌 Documentation

Some documentation can be found in the Wiki of this application.

Also, look at the doc folder at the root of this repository!

👤 Author


⚠️ Disclaimer

This project in no way encourages the consumption of alcohol or beer, which is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation.

📝 License

I want to leave the possibility to other people to work on this project, to improve it and to make it grow, that’s why we decided to place it under MIT license.

Read more about the MIT licence.


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