A simple plugin to manage Warp points on your minecraft server


This is a forked version of SimpleWarp by @SomeBottle

SimpleWarp allows you to createdelete and use warp points. These points are some sort of landmarks for the players to teleport to.

The plugin also has a position saving feature. Positions are like warp points except that it’s only used for showing a coordinate.

  • Position feature is disabled by default, it can be enabled in config file configs.yml .


  • /warp <warpname> – Teleport you to a warppoint.
  • /setwarp <warpname> – Create a warppoint.
  • /delwarp <warpname> – Delete a warppoint.
  • /warps – List all warppoints
  • /simplewarp <version | reload>
    • version – Displays current plugin version
    • reload – Reload all configs and warp/position data
  • /position <positionName | del | list>
    • positionName – Shows the coordinates of the position. If the position doesn’t exist, the position will be set to your current location
    • del – Remove a position
    • list – Lists all available positions


  • simplewarp.warp – Allows you to use the /warp command.
  • simplewarp.warp.nodelay – Allows you to ignore the delay before teleportation
  • simplewarp.warp.allowmove – Allows you to move while waiting to teleport
  • simplewarp.delwarp – Allows you to use the /delwarp command.
  • simplewarp.setwarp – Allows you to use the /setwarp command.
  • simplewarp.warps – Allows you to use the /warps command.
  • simplewarp.position – Allows you to use the /position command.
  • simplewarp.position.view – Allows you to use the /position <name> command.
  • simplewarp.position.create – Allows you to use the /position <name>
  • simplewarp.position.del – Allows you to use the /position del <name>
  • simplewarp.position.list – Allows you to use the /position list

To give the permissions to players you need a Permission System like LuckPerms or GroupManager.


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