A simple family tree generator that scales

A simple family tree generator that scales


A simple family tree generator that scales.


It supports:

  • GEDCOM to various visualization formats (PDF & SVG among others)
  • a single tree format, suitable for large trees, that doesn’t become a mess when the tree contains loops

Here’s what it looks like for a large tree:

Global family tree

And looking closer:

Family tree detail


You can use the latest release on github. For detailed step-by-step instructions, see the Quickstart.

Full command line documentation:

Usage: genesys options_list
    Input file (optional) { String }
    --output, -o -> Output file name { String }
    --outputType, -t -> Output file type { Value should be one of [fig, jpeg, pdf, png, svg, webp] }
    --noPreview, -np -> No preview
    --root, -r -> Root name { String }
    --help, -h -> Usage info

Note: Java Runtime environment and GraphViz dot utility are needed to run Genesys.

Or if you’re a developer and want to dive in the app: ./gradlew run.



Sébastien Guillemin


I just couldn’t find a free tool to create a tree without limitations in terms of number of generations, that still looked decent for a large tree (500+ persons), and that handled family loops like I wanted.

Also, I was tired of importing my GEDCOM file in every tool on the planet, when all I wanted was to create a PDF.


Built with:

Also thanks to:

  • GraphvizOnline, a wonderful tool for realtime experiments, that I used extensively to adjust my GraphViz layout.


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