Cocktail Directory App made with Kotlin

Kocktail Cocktail Directory App made with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Preview Libraries Used Code Overview Shared ViewModel class CocktailListViewModel : KMMViewModel() { private val api = CocktailAPI() private val _cocktailState = MutableStateFlow<CocktailListState>(CocktailListState.Empty) @NativeCoroutinesState val cocktailState: StateFlow<CocktailListState> = _cocktailState.stateIn( viewModelScope, SharingStarted.WhileSubscribed(), CocktailListState.Empty ) fun updateCocktailList() { _cocktailState.value = CocktailListState.Loading viewModelScope.coroutineScope.launch { try { val response = api.getCocktails() _cocktailState.value … Read more

A Kotlin compiler plugin that addresses an APK size overhead from Kotlin data classes

DataClassGenerate or simply DCG Motivation DataClassGenerate is a Kotlin compiler plugin that addresses APK size overhead. DCG brings data class’ app size contribution on-par with semantically identical Plain Java Objects. Kotlin positions data class as an easy-to-use and low friction utility for representing plain-old data. Despite appearing compact in source code, the compiler generates multiple … Read more

Gym App keep track of user subscriptions and other information built it from scratch

# Gym Assistant App Overview This app is designed to help gym assistants keep track of user subscriptions and other information. The app is build with Room (one-to-many relationship),Kotlin Coroutines, Navigation View, View Binding and Data Binding to provide a secure and efficient method for handling memberships including start dates, end dates and pricing.It also … Read more

A beautiful Fashion Store like Android App Mock built on Jetpack Compose

Fashion-Store, Design Credits: Purwaka Fitra A beautiful Fashion Store like Android App Mock built on Jetpack Compose with compose navigation, hilt, dark theme support and google’s app architecture found on uplabs Here License Copyright 2021 The Android Open Source Project Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except … Read more

Basic Arithmetic Questions Generator for Android

Introduction Basic Arithmetic Questions Generator is an offline Android application that generates arithmetic questions for users. The questions include two numbers with a range that can be specified by the user, and the operation can be selected from four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The application is based on Material 3 design language, … Read more

Automatic HTTP handlers for a router object with specific annotations

autorouter Automatic HTTP handlers for a controller object with specific annotations. Assignments Assignment 1 – Types at runtime and Reflection API The AutoRouter library allows the automatic creation of HTTP handlers for a pt.isel.autorouter.JsonServer based on a router object with specific annotations, according to the next example of ClassroomController. All methods annotated with @AutoRoute and returning an Optional are eligible for HTTP handlers. … Read more