App-level wallpaper color palette generation for Android 5.0+

Jul 03, 20211 min read


MonetCompat is an app-level implementation of kdrag0n’s custom Monet implementation, based on his android12-extensions module. With MonetCompat you can generate color palettes from a user’s wallpaper and use them anywhere in your app. It supports Android 5.0 and above (in Palette compatibility mode) and Android 8.1 and above in normal mode.

MonetCompat is currently in beta, so feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated. It’s also not currently known if Google will provide their own backwards compatibility library for Monet with Android 12’s release, so this library may be replaced by an official one eventually.

No proprietary Google code is used in this project, and thus it is licensed with the MIT license for use in third party apps.

Platform Support

As mentioned above, MonetCompat supports Android 5.0 and above. There are however a few of configurations to consider:

PlatformStatic WallpaperLive Wallpaper
Android 5.0 – 8.0 (no Palette)
Android 5.0 – 8.0 (with Palette)
Android 8.0+*

* Live Wallpapers must implement WallpaperService.onComputeColors for color extraction.


First, follow the steps on the Setup page to add the dependency, and set up your Activities to handle Monet

Next, to apply Monet colors to views, check out the Usage page.

For more advanced usage, including explanations of other fields in MonetCompat, MonetCompatActivity and MonetFragment, see the Advanced Usage page.

MonetCompat also includes a few prebuilt custom Views that implement Monet and Material You styles, as well as a custom stretch overscroll effect, like the one in Android 12. More info can be found on the Material You page

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